Signs, Structures and Surprises


A wild art workshop for children of all ages and their families and carers

With CCI artists Caroline Wendling and Deb Wilenski at Somersham Nature Reserve, May Half-term, 2014

We are amazed to find out about this place – we didn’t even know it was here.

Over 50 people joined us on a very wet morning in Somersham Nature Reserve to play together in this beautiful corner of the woods.  The invitation was to explore the area and then together make signs, structures and surprises using the natural materials found around us together with some extra bits we added in (clay, paper, chalk, and string) and our own powers of invention.  

People told us they will particularly remember: the lion on the zip-wire, having a cup of tea in our Turkish tea tent, making a spiders web and posting children through it, making models with clay, building a bridge for a frog to cross, crawling in the wet grass, climbing through the spiders web we found that someone had made, the mud and decorating the tree with butterflies, crocodiles and bridge building, the quiet, how big the nature reserve is.

And they described the Nature Reserve as - fantastic, excellent with the puddles, lovely and muddy, a super asset for the village, allows the whole family to do things together, Is bigger than we thought, we will come back with Grandma and Grandpa and explore more.