Running into adventure


Kidzone Nursery children explore Lattersey Nature Reserve

We feel that we are more confident in letting the children slightly out of sight but close enough to hear.  We feel that a higher level of trust has been gained and given to the children.  We have adapted to not leading or controlling a group and allowing that group to choose their own activity.  We have had to learn not to help a child and to step back and see if a child is capable, or if that child asks for our help that's when we step in.  Adapting ourselves to allow danger or risks without removing them and have an understanding that certain things are going to happen to the children but they won't get hurt.
(Mark, Kidzone)

This short film introduces a particular strand of our work with three and four year old children and their educators from  Kidzone Nursery in Lattersey Nature Reserve, on the edge of Whittlesey, six miles west of Peterborough. Highlighting the different opportunities for adventuring together in this extraordinary space, it explores what happened as the educators learnt to let go of hands and encouraged the children to take the lead.

More information about the project is here.