Spinney Wild Woods

Fenced off and forgotten for more than ten years, this tangled patch of woodland is tucked into a residential area on the southern edge of Cambridge.  It sits right on the doorstep of the Spinney Primary School, and since 2013 CCI has been working with the school to re-imagine  the woods as a place for adventure, discovery and research into creative outdoor learning. Above is our first ever Fantastical Map of the woods, created by illustrator Elena Arévalo Melville. Working with elements created through our work with the poet Jackie Kay and the year 1 and year 3 classes, Elena combined over fifty layers to illustrate both the real and fantastical adventures that can happen here.

Our work began with opening up the spinney to the youngest children in the school, and thinking about how to maintain its qualities of tangled wildness.  Since this initial project, CCI has hosted a series of events for the wider community, worked with older children, artists and writers through projects of wild exchange, and offered opportunities for wild and imaginative professional development with the woods and the children’s discoveries as inspiration.

Our work in the Spinney Wild Woods is documented in films, images and diary posts.  The gallery of images below offers you glimpses of the projects and events which can be read about in more detail by following the links here:

Wild Exchange
Professional Development

Spinney Primary School is the lead school in the Kite Teaching School Alliance.