Re-Imagine projects are designed to enable communities to explore ideas, issues and spaces through playful exploration. They invite people of all ages to express their own ideas through creative consultation activities and enable us develop resources with our partners to enable further creative experiences. 

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The projects take place in many diverse and extraordinary spaces; including hospitals, hospices, our local waste management centre, community halls, retirement homes, and local neighbourhoods as well as galleries and museums and heritage sites. They often include professional development elements to explore and develop approaches for creative practice with particular professional groups. Our current projects have diaries that can be explored here.

Many of these projects set out to produce particular resources for our partners. Most recently we developed the PropsBox, a family friendly toolkit for navigating contemporary art galleries, but have also created temporary installations for galleries and creative documentation and displays to support ongoing engagement with ideas and audiences.

Evaluations indicate that the projects have a lasting impact on those we work with - Igniting a Fuse explores the impact on educators of our accredited course with the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education; Enemies of Boredom looks at the professional development programme linked to the Hundred Languages of Children Exhibition in Cambridge; and Can you stay and make tomorrow never come details artist led projects with Creative Partnerships schools.

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João (nurse) and son Oliver

Oliver is almost two now and loved seeing his Taking Note photo.

Poetry in moments - seeks graphic designer

Sharing brief for new Taking Note publication.

Fantastical Cambridgeshire Exhibition

Three new maps now on display together in St Neots.

Eve Lacey (poet)

Memory Bone is a new poem for the Addenbrooke’s community by poet Eve Lacey.

Taking note - poetry in moments

Exhibition of poetry and new stories until January 2018.

Dr Mike More (Chair, Cambridge University Hospitals)

I was born in Scotland and brought up there until I was 10.

New ArtScapers

Undergraduates from Anglia Ruskin University explore ArtScapers.

Sabrina, local resident

I just came here to do my shopping today - and this just happened.

Autumn (patient) and Rahma

We’re going to keep these poem pills and read them again.

Elizabeth (patient)

The weather was lovely so I took the poems and the cordial for walk.

Animating the archives: a second exhibition

Celebrating creative work from community groups responding to the new hospital museum.

An everlasting tea party

ArtScapers of all ages think about new communities at the Open Eddington weekend.

Esme (talking with Filipa at a Taking Note pop-up event)

Esme (talking with Filipa at a Taking Note pop-up event)

Mel, medical photographer

Mel, medical photographer

Allan, Transfusion Specialist Lead for the Pathology Partner

Allan, Transfusion Specialist Lead for the Pathology Partnership

A Stork’s Nest on Addenbrooke’s Chimney

A new story created by the Shelford Dementia Carers group.

Maybe…what if…perhaps

Researcher Gabby Arenge observes how ArtScapers is a place of possibility.

Can we get in it?

ArtScapers think about the underground waste system.

Frank and ‘Nellie’ the Elephant

Sharing conversations through clay.

It’s the future

ArtScapers as explorers and prospectors.


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