Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination is an arts and well-being charity working with artists to build creatively healthy communities. We enable people of all ages to discover their own powers of imagination and curiosity and enjoy living, learning and working alongside each other. This short film introduces why children, educators and artists value spending time outside being creative together. More of our work can be explored below or via our projects page.

Every one of its projects makes me see things strangely again, tips a little more wonder back into the world.
Robert Macfarlane, CCI Patron

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Feeling more wild and calm and special

ArtScapers from North Cambridge Academy explore their local wild spaces.

Shirley Pocket Adventures

A new commission for Artscapers at Shirley Community Primary.

Immersive sights and sounds

Explore sights and sounds linked to the Forest.

The Suspended Forest

A 'found' poem woven by Kaddy Benyon from 2020 tree stories.

Tree Charter Day 2020

Marking the signing by Cambridge City Council.

The Secret World Under the Trees

How three primary schools explored ideas for Forest 2021.

Voices in the forest

Work created with 9 primary schools and ARU students

Review of CCI’s year 2020-21

Highlights from our last year working with partners across the region.