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Fantastical Cambridgeshire - is about people, their local area, creativity and culture.

ArtScapers - Exploring how art and the work of artists commissioned by the NW Cambridge Public Art Programme can help children relate to their city as it grows. 

Taking Note - sharing moments of happiness within the Addenbrooke's community. A project with Cambridge University Hospitals and Addenbrooke's Arts.

Animating the archives - A project working with people of all ages to aminate the museum.

Spinney Primary School (Cambridge) Footprints project researching impact of school and community creative engagement with local wild space.

Friendly Garden - The Friends of Rock Road Library have invited us to explore what makes a friendly garden with them as they continue to redevelop their outside space throughout this year.

Future Reactive - working with Addenbrooke's Arts and the Centre for Diet and Activity Research at The Cambridge Institute of Public Health to explore children's visions for an active future.

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Frank and ‘Nellie’ the Elephant

Sharing conversations through clay.

The Corn Field of Happiness - walking thinking drawing namin

Wagtails and Goldfinches to rediscover the local landscape.

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It’s a circle, it keeps going inside

Poems are created in response to a morning out adventuring.

What lies beneath

Bones from the Museum of Zoology open up new explorations.

It’s the future

ArtScapers as explorers and prospectors.

It’s very very very deep

Heading out for Fantastical adventures despite the weather.

Archaeology of now

Inviting ArtScapers to look differently at their school.

The comfort of guinea pigs

Reflecting on memories of hospital together.

Miniature and Immensity

‘The trees were three and half people’ – exploring ways of noticing and measuring around Love’s Farm.

Ginormous Trees and Mrs Toller

Children create new characters for their Fantastical Love's Farm.

It’s very fascinating to me

Young carers respond to the Addenbrooke’s Museum.

Using clay to animate ideas

Shelford’s dementia support group join our Addenbrooke’s programme.

Celebrating children’s ideas

Work from creative projects with two classes of children now on display in Addenbooke’s Hospital.

A pig washed with wood

Exploring our local woods.

How do you fold?

Thinking about what a map might contain.

Fantastical Offords Community Day

Highlights from an amazing day of adventuring.

Borrowed stories and underground eggs

Meet a fantastical 28-legged creature created by the youngest children at Offords.

I love Nature…

Children in Love's Farm look hard at their outside spaces.

Pictures of Adventures

Extraordinary pictures emerge as children at Round House think about using sketchbooks.


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