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Fantastical Cambridgeshire - is about people, their local area, creativity and culture.

Wild Exchanges - connecting children’s ideas into the working realm of professionals adults.

Creativity as Practice - developing sustainable creative practice in primary school educators.

Talking Together - Adventures into language and literacy through nature

ArtScapers - Exploring how art and the work of artists commissioned by the NW Cambridge Public Art Programme can help children relate to their city as it grows. 

Taking Note - sharing moments of happiness within the Addenbrooke's community. A project with Cambridge University Hospitals and Addenbrooke's Arts.

Animating the archives - A project working with people of all ages to aminate the Addenbrooke’s Hospital Museum.

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Cambridge Faculty of Education Exhibition

Cambridgeshire children’s ideas co-created with CCI on display until summer 2019.

The Art of Reading

Huge temporary artwork on Cambridge building site created by 420 children.

The dream grasshopper

Outdoor adventuring in a corner of the school grounds.

Taking Note - poetry in moments

This collection of poetry offers new glimpses into some of the extraordinary worlds that make up Cambridge University Hospitals.

Lost Words for Cambridgeshire

Free books for all primary schools in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Launch of Storey’s Field Centre

ArtScapers created new cityscapes for opening event.

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Fantastical Bats and Habitats

Highlights from our community day with Offord Primary School.

Being bats

Searching for signs of animal occupation in the local church.

How do the bats get in and out?

Children in Offord create structures for animals

The most delicate thing in the world

ArtScapers find inspiration for creative and imaginative making.

Communities for all

Young and old ArtScapers discuss communities together.

A nest for a fat pigeon

Offord children think about where animals make their homes.

Would you like fire coming out of your ankle?

Exploring the relationships between human and animal ecology.

Friend old friend

A song of love and friendship for a newt by Alesia (7)

Sharing ArtScaping

Alper explained it as ‘making things your own way’.

Different ideas bring different drawings

ArtScapers immerse themselves in newts.

Muster Point as underground space

ArtScapers create their own fantastical animals and their underground habitats.

Only for Wren

New ArtScapers think about wrens, the king of birds.

João (nurse) and son Oliver

Oliver is almost two now and loved seeing his Taking Note photo.


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