We’re a little bit lost aren’t we?


Drawing from CCI’s Hinchingbrooke Footprints project, this article by creative practitioner Deb Wilenski, advocates an approach to outdoor exploration that begins by welcoming the unknown and possibly disorientating aspects of wild places. It proposes that one of the major ways in which young children make lasting connections with landscape is through imagination and the power of invention, and argues for the rights of children to experience two fundamental freedoms in the wild outdoors – physical freedom to adventure into the land, and freedom of the imagination, to make cultural meaning from their experience.

The article originally appeared in issue (56) of the journal FORUM: for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education.  This journal has appeared for more than fifty years, and continues to be in the forefront of campaigns for and debates about comprehensive education and allied educational causes.  To download the pdf click here.

Thank you for your wonderful article for the journal.  I am delighted it will be the lead off, and set a liberatory tone for the whole.  I also greatly value its lyrical and imaginative voice; in my view this adds an extra dimension to the impact of the whole number.
Patrick Yarker, editor