Adventures in time and space


Our programme of events for this year’s University of Cambridge Festival of Ideas welcomed visitors from far and wide: families from Yorkshire tried out being ArtScapers whilst health workers from Ohio and Kentucky discussed happiness in hospitals.

Our exhibition at Michaelhouse shared images and words from recent adventurous collaborations that have grown between CCI artists and local communities across Cambridgeshire - in wild woods and housing developments, hospitals and schools, libraries and playgrounds. Our  Taking Note, ArtScapers and Fantastical Cambridgeshire events enabled more people to engage with our current projects. The festival was an important opportunity to celebrate the many creative voices we work with but also some of our valued partnerships.

Amanda Askham, Head of Transformation at Cambridgeshire County Council, shared these thoughts about our work together:

What’s really excited me about the work with CCI is that it’s all about empowering and encouraging young people to express themselves and to explore. This is so important - that exploration of themselves and the world around them -  as the citizens of the future. And that’s very very important to the council’s priorities so it’s been really key to us to work closely with CCI.

I was at the Fantastical Blitz event in St Neots a couple of weeks ago and one of the parents was at this event with their children. She had been there all day and they didn’t look like they were planning to go home at all.  She said to me this really shouldn’t be difficult but it’s really hard to start when you are on your own.  I thought that beautifully sums up my relationship with CCI because it is really difficult sometimes in the County Council - we think where’s the evidence base, how can we stitch together the funding, we’ll need an action plan, we’ll need work streams – but CCI has said to me all along just start, trust, let it grow, know there is great stuff out there, embrace it.

So CCI for me has been a starter for many excellent things that we have done and I just want to say thanks to them for that. They make it happen, they let it grow, they embed it.

Our beautiful banners for the exhibition were created for us by our corporate sponsors KISS communications.